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I got a call from Joel Osteen ministries.I was informed by the telemarketer that they got my info from a bridal registry and they said Joel is performing weddings during his Sunday service for $2500 per couple.

I said praise the lord I am interested and so is my partner. The lady on the phone says when you say partner do you mean you are ***? I said yes, why? She said, Joel doesn't marry *** people and hung up.

I called back and asked for Joel.He got on the phone and said "God hates homosexuals" and said that Jesus could cure me of my sexual problems.

Review about: Wedding Ceremony.



Hi *** *** - Thank you for your $2500 donation to Joel Osteen Ministries.I hope you have a *** old time together!

Make sure to come back to Lakewood Church, where we will lynch you both on national TV!Once again, thank you for your donation!


Joel would never say that to anyone.He might politely refuse to perform the marriage, but he would never say God and hate in the same sentence.

His doctrine is about the unconditional love of Jesus.And there are same sex couples attending Lakewood.

to Anonymous #1091205

Can we have the names of those couples so we can lynch them?


I doubt if this happened.

Joel Osteen wasn't right there.

No way.

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